Verónica Guzmán Livingston

Hello! I am Vero and I want to share with you a little of my story in the search for my happiness and well-being.

When I was 23 years old, I built the lifestyle I had always dreamed of: practicing a profession I loved and, at the same time, traveling the world. I was spending 7 months a year working as a lifeguard on the sunny beach of Barcelona, and the rest of the time I was exploring and enjoying traveling in different countries. I traveled with my boyfriend to over 36 countries, but despite this exciting adventure, I was dealing with a burden of negative thoughts and emotions that created overwhelming stress and affected my overall well-being.

An existential crisis at the age of 30th, led me to make the painful decision to separate from my partner at the time. This experience plunged me into deep depression and insecurity, as I had lost all contact with my most essential values and needs.

After three consecutive failed relationships, I reached the point of stillness and decided to leave behind everything I knew: my residence, my profession, my friendships and my lifestyle. It was then that I made the bold decision to start over in France, a period of my life that was challenging, but also full of personal growth and self-realisation.

During this time I have focused on finding my inner peace, immersed myself in a variety of holistic practices and trained in disciplines that allowed me to reconnect with my essence. Today, I live in the majestic French Alps with my family and serve as a holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach.

I am here to accompany you on your own journey towards peace, balance and well-being. Allow me to guide you with my knowledge and experience so that you can discover your true potential and regain the self-confidence you need to live a full life.

Remember, together we can achieve it!